About Us
Virtual Events
We are a full-service audio-visual production company specializing in AV, sound systems, video and projection screens, lighting, and staging for live events. CSG provides custom production design and equipment rental packages made for complete solutions, large or small.
Our Expertise
CSG is a service company. Managing the score of technical specifics that go into an event is our specialty. Let us partner with you in designing your vision. Our clients range from nonprofits to enterprise. We pride ourselves in providing you with a collaborator rather than a vendor. You’ve got a vision, and you need to create an experience that no one can forget. Contact us now. Serving Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum area, the Turkey, AMEA and the World.
Our Profession
Providing expert technical direction to accomplish the perfect balance of AV audio visual, sound system, lighting, video projection, and staging for your corporate & medical meeting, trade show, press conference, product launch, film festival, movie night, auction or gala, live music concert, special event, webcast streaming and more. We bring all production elements together to pull off stunning shows.
CSG offers a clear and simple process so you can rest assured that we will deliver an experience that cannot be matched. Our packages range from small DIY systems to complete high profile staging, and we can deliver on all the technology in between. From projection and screen to stage lighting and microphones, let CSG be your source for a stress-free and spectacular event.
Let us handle the setup, execution, and breakdown. We pride ourselves on providing complete solutions in a vast technical world. Create a deeper impact with your communications. Expand your vision with our network-wide interactivity tools: instant Q&A polling, interactive presentations.
Production Design – planning your event down to every specific
Video Systems – projection, HDTVs, screens, IMAG, and video across multiple surfaces
Audio Systems – crystal clear full-range sound to hone the best out of the space
Lighting Design – delivering dynamic looks to create visual impact
Recording – video and audio capture with post-production services
Webcasting – multiple-location meetings and events
Staging – let’s set you up and build your imagination in the real world installed
Service – servicing equipment in your facility for operating excellence
Technicians & Labor – providing all the support your event needs
Consulting – making sure that we have everything covered