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Turkey's sunny Med coast is as welcoming to families as ever

Didim, the ancient “Didyma”, is famous for the Temple of Apollo with its colossal but elegant columns. “Medusa Head” discovered and exhibited in Didim, is one of the most important and world-widely known symbols of Turkey.


But Didim can offer its guests a far more experience: long length coasts with big and small villages located one behind another in a magnificent sereneness, the Sacred Way, the Ancient City of Miletus, fruitful olive trees around the city, and outstanding hospitality.


It is not surprising that Turkey’s healthiest food is being cooked in such an amazing environment. The outstanding taste of dishes based on “olive oil – fresh vegetables – aromatic wild greens” trio, and hands of Didim natives. Both healthy, very interesting and delicious Aegean dishes, such as “Kabakçiçe?i Dolmas? / Stuffed Squash Blossoms”, “?evketi Bostan / Blessed Thistle”, “Turp Otu / Wild Radish” are waiting for you.


Thus, Didim is the first thing coming to mind as an unrivaled place to host first Turkey’s Vegan Festival. The first festival, supported by Didim Municipality, local authorities, neighborhood representatives, civil societies and organizations, and, first and foremost, all local citizens, was held in 2017. The festival lasted 2 days and successfully attracted 60 thousand of visitors.


Didim Vegan Festival 2018 will start on the 20th of April. Booths representing Didim citizens and related communities, as well as vegetarian and vegan organizations and enterprises from all over the country, will be presented there. Concerts, conferences, and various activities aplenty will provide both entertainment and information for the guests during the 4-day-long festival.


The major event of the Didim Vegan Festival 2018 is the “1st Vegan Walk Turkey” to be held on 22nd of April. This event is already confirmed by 500 participants and includes a mass walk and “The World Breathes in Didim” activity for a record attempt. “The Best Vegan Dish Contest” organized by the university is another important event of the festival. All activities and surprises will take place under the slogan “Health is in Didim”.


Join Didim Vegan Festival 2018 and discover the totally new and different Turkey!